About Us:

A.W.A. Contracting Co., Inc. was founded on November 17, 1987 by Arthur W. Allen in Jacksonville, Florida. 

1987-1992: Work was done on small jobs and house slabs along with work being done for General development in North West Area of St. Johns County. Jobs for JIA Airport consisting of pouring concrete blast walls, concrete parking lots, and curb and gutter for parking lots. Concrete paving was used to tie the Taxi-ways back into concrete blast walls. Other jobs were, the cornor of Forsyth St., and Main St. for the city of jacksonville. Work consisted of pouring a concrete parking lot, and underground Storm water retention area for Storm water storage.

1993-2004: Numerous Roadway work/ concrete paving Jobs were completed for the City of Jacksonville in the Avendale and San Marco Areas. Along with the South Side continuous siewalk and better Jacksonville program work consist of Curb, Sidewalk, Storm Pipe, and Under drain system to grassing. A.W.A. had poured ver 25,000 cubic yards of concrete in 11 years of the contract.

2005-2008: We began Nocatee Project Phase 1 which was subbed from Barco Duval Eng., inc. for the construction of Box Culverts. The Box Culverts were from 2 ea. 550 L.F. single 10 x 8 barrels to 350 L.F. Triple 12 x 8 barrels and a 485 L.F. of 12 x 12 barrel and 2 ea. 375 L.F. 10 x 4 barrels. Over flow Stru and weirs. Also 5' sidewalks and 10' Bike paths. In 2006 we started another job from Barco Duval Eng., Inc. in Rivertown down on SR 13in St. Johns County, the work consisted of box culverts, one being a 265 L.F. of 10 x 4 1- barrels, and the other was a 325 L.F. of 10 x 49 barrels. As well, 5' and 6' Sidewalks.

2009-2010: We began the St. Augustine- St. Johns County Airport Authority consisting of construction of an 80' by 70' concrete airfeild wash rack apron, associated pump station, percolation treatment area, and card reader control equipment. Begining was also Silver Lake Drive in Putnam County. This work consisted of the construction of concrete box culverts and associated roadway improvements at (2) two crossings (Devall Branch box culvert was 48 L.F. Double 10 x 8 barrels and two Mile Creek Box Culbert was 65 L.F. Triple 10 x 8 barrels) along Silver Lake Drive. Additionally, we rebuilt the roadway with new lime rock and asphalt, reworked road shoulders, and new gaurd rail was part of this project. St. Johns County contract #09-117 - Durbin Creek Sidewalk Segments 1 & 11 work consisted of construction of approximately 2600 linear feet of 5 foot wide sidewalk along the southside of Durbing Creek Blvd. from Flora Branch Blvd. (Segment 1 and approximately 3,400 linear feet of 5 foot wide sidewalk along the south side of Durbin Creek Blvd. from Racetrack Rd. (segment 11) . Both segments would connect to an existing sidewalk and will provide connectivity to the Julington Creek Plantation's new Amenity Center. Associated with the sidewalk construction was clearing and grubbing, sitework, signing and pavement marking, and other miscellanious items. The general locations of this site is in the Julington Creek Area of St. Johns County. Del Monte/ Varella Sidewalk Improvements work consisted of the construction of apprximately 2,800 linear feet of sidewalk along Del Monte Drive and Varella Avenue with associated clearing and grubbing, site work, drainage, signing and pavement marking, and other miscellaneous items. The general locations of the site is in the St. Augustine area of St. Johns County in the vicinity of SR16 and Lewis Speedway.

2011: In February 2011, we began work for Barco-Duval Eng., Inc. The project name and location was Fox Creek Northwood Diversion, Northwood Drive in St.Johns County

2012: In January 2012, we started a job for the City of Ocala, Pedestrian Island Improvements of SW13th Street and SW27th Ave. We were rated a 4.75/5 on the job site.

2013: In 2013 we did a job with Barco-Duval , Southest Toyota Outfall Ditch. Also, the Palm Valley Sidewalks for R&B contracting, which consisted of installation of 7800 sq. yards of concrete sidewalk along Palm Valley Road and Mickler Road. We did work for Sampson Creek Community Development District, the work consisted of removing 4" thick concrete sidewalk and replacing it with 5" thick concrete for a golf cart path.

2014 - In 2014 we did work for Barco Duval in Bartram Creek Phase 1A and Phase 1B consisting of a retaining wall and black aluminum hand railing. We worked with City of Jacksonville in Nocatee Parkway reconstructed glass roadway front slopes, repair asphalt roadway shoulders and removed existing sedimentation on roadside ditches. We worked with City of Palatka on St. Johns Avenue doing drainage improvements, construction of a closed storm water collection and conveyance system on St. Johns Avenue with includes storm water inlets, manholes, concrete pipe, and other incidental construction. We also started a DOT Job in Flagler County on CR305 in Phase 1, Phase 2, Phase 3 consisting of replacing 3 box culverts and pipe finishing the job in 2015.

2015 - In 2015 we completed various work throughout Northeast Florida consisting of sidewalks, drainage repairs, and roadway repairs. In July we completed the CR305 box culverts for DOT. In June we completed a FDOT project in Putnam County consisting of drainage improvements installing a box culvert for Concept Construction & Demolition. December we completed a FDOT project consisting of a 6" under drain on SR-21. In addition to work for DOT we also worked with Veston Properties, D.R. Horton, Gainesville Auto Plus Speedway, TPX Railyard, and many more while also maintaining our continuous contract with St. Johns County.

2016 - We started the year out by completing a culvert replacement for FDEP at Anastasia State Park. We completed a few jobs for Barco Duval. One consisting of 7" concrete pavement with dowels and EJ Joints at S.E. Toyota. For the City of Palm Coast we installed a box culvert and asphalt on Boulder Rock Drive. Curb and asphalt repairs were completed for the City of St. Augustine on Magnolia Ave. May of 2016 we completed a project for Putnam County at Drayton Island Ferry that consisted of installing helical piles, timber beams, and removal of structure. Additional work for Gainesville Auto Plus Speedway, R&B Contracting, & FDOT were also completed.

2017 - In February we completed roadway and drainage repairs for the City of Jacksonville Beach. This work consisted of curb & gutter, inlets, turn lanes, striping, and grassing. We completed a few contracts for Putnam County Public Works consisting of drainage improvements on Front Street and concrete work on Gilbert Road. At the intersection of Riberia St. and San Sebastian Harbor drive we completed work for the City of St. Augustine including 4" concrete sidewalk with handicap ramps. On Oceanwoods Drive we completed drainage repairs for City of St. Augustine Beach including removal and/or replacement of 18"-24" pipe, headwall, inlet, asphalt, and concrete.

2018 - On top of our continuing contract with St. Johns County we also picked up a continuous contract with Putnam County for miscellaneous construction and maintenance services. In March we completed drainage improvements on West Palmetto Street in Putnam county. In June we completed box culvert, pipe, sewer and drainage repairs on South Dixie Highway for the City of St. Augustine. In July we completed sidewalk and headwalls for the FDOT on US1N (SR5). We also completed a pipe replacement projects for the City of Palm Coast at (3) different locations. Royal Palms, Rymfire, & Wynfield at Pines Lakes.

2019 - We have completed smaller drainage contract jobs and guardrail jobs with St. Johns and Putnam Counties. Also we have been working on the new 207 Firestation in East Palatka and the 207 Watermain. In the beginning of June 2019 we will be starting on Mickler Blvd Ditch Drainage Improvements, King Street Extension and Solano Road Sidewalk.